Make a Donation

Thinking about making a donation? We are frequently asked if we accept charitable donations and the simple answer is YES. The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation is a federally registered private foundation with full charitable tax status with the Canada Revenue Agency. We have both the power and authority to write tax receipts for monies received as charitable donations. Our official tax receipt number is 890003866RR0001 and if you wanted to investigate our history and performance go to the Charities Directorate web site at

For over 30 years, The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation has received monies and/or in-kind securities, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and GIC’s on behalf of loved ones who have passed; as well, we have received contributions driven by success and gratitude. Our accountants, WBLI Chartered Accountants would be happy to explore with your advisors the most efficient means of transferring in-kind gifts for you as well as the Foundation. All gifts received by way of donation in whatever form it has come to us we have put 100% to work for the wellbeing of our community. While the focus of our mandate is on under privileged children, we have done good works in a wide range of arenas and are proud of the results those good works have generated.

Further, we have and will cheerfully acknowledge and or recognize any benefactor should that be a wish. We are pleased to tell those organizations who receive gifts from our Foundation that the gift was made possible in whole or in part through the generosity of a “named” patron.

If you have a desire to give and are unsure as to what organization you should support; or, if perhaps you may want to give to a number of causes, but lack the time and/or confidence to do your own due diligence. Well, we might well be a viable option to help you with options and opportunities. All donations are made and only made to registered charities within Canada. One Hundred (100) percent of all family, friends and public donations received is given to the causes to whom the Foundation makes donations. The management and administration costs of the Foundation are met by returns on investments. The Foundation has no staff and the Board are all volunteers and none receive any form of remuneration.

We would be happy to discuss our history, our strength as well as our giving philosophy and how we might put over 30 years of hands on experience to work on your behalf should you wish to make a designated donation. E-mail us at