The Edwards Family Charitable Foundation is a federally registered charity. The Foundation operates as a private foundation and is responsible to and monitored by Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate; The work of the Edwards Family Charitable Foundation is managed and overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees, who represent the Edwards Family as well as the community at large. The Trustees have created a number of committees composed of both Trustees and Advisors to manage and advise the Board on Donations, Investments, Strategic Direction, as well as the day to day administration of the Foundation’s business.

Officers are elected by the Board of Trustees, advisors are appointed by the Board. The Foundation operates on the calendar year; the Trustees meet as a Board 2 to 3 times per year. The Committees meet generally at the call of the chair with the Donations Committee and Investment Committee meeting upwards of 6 times per year. The Foundation’s annual general meeting is held in July.



    George R. Davis Murray E. Edwards
    Joan C. Delehanty  Derek F. T. Piers
    Sylvia E. Edwards  Duncan S. Enman
    Kelly L. Edwards  


    Chairman , Murray E. Edwards  
    President , George R. Davis  
    Vice President , Sylvia E. Edwards  
    Secretary , Joan C. Delehanty  


    Gary R. Edwards 

Professional Advisors:

    Accountants: WBLI Chartered Accountants, Bedford, NS,
Robert Dean, CA, CFP; Lynn Loder, CA
    Investments: Altus Securities Inc. Halifax Office, Halifax, NS,
Arnold Johnson BA, Advisor
ScotiaMcLeod, Halifax, NS,
Jack Gorrill, CA, CFP, FCSI, Advisor
    Legal: C James Enman, Halifax, NS